"Among Us" B-grade

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4 color screen print - CMYK full color specturm technique

Paper size 50*70cm with a 5cm white border on top and sides

Design by @alvarbaptist

Print by Savage Retaliation

Savage Retaliation :

"CMYK prints seperate the image in the 4 print colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. The image is then rasterized into halftone image and turned into tiny needle pin dots. When the translucent inks of the 4 Colors overlap these can create a wide spectrum of colors.

The natrue of 4 colors prints being susceptive to the slightes form of disruption in my eyes is more a benefit than a disadvantage. Small print errors or defects give each print a unique character as non of them is the same.

Disruotions can occur through flooding issues on the screen, not enough or too much pressue, difficulties in keeping perfect registration on a working setup or ink drying in the screen.

The small defects disrupt the perfect illusion of a photo and give way to parts of the process and the natrue of the print

This was my first collab piece with Alvar and i am still greatful for the opportuniy as it was my first larger CMYK print and gave me the opportunity to dive deeper in what can be done and learn more about the process.

The last pics in the photo slide give you an idea for each color added and the color blends achieved

I have a few copies left that are B-graded. Smaller inks spots or finger prints on the border, smaller areas with less ink coverage of a certain color or slightly off registration. Therefore i'm offering them at a discount form the original price"