"Black Skull" Standart

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One color relief print (linoleum block) 50*70cm on high quality off white art paper 160g/qm

Print size roughly 35*55cm

Printed with oil-based pigment ink on a 1950s FAG half automated press

Ink Color : Carbon Black

all prints are signed an numbered

there are 3 Versions of this print - check out the other version ins the store

Standart : inks/paper : black on off white paper : limited to 20

V1 inks/paper : black on gold photo-carton : limited to 2 copies

V2 inks/paper : black on red; paper lokta paper : limited to 2copies

Collaboration project between Lonner and Savage Retaliation

Design by Lonner - Block carving and printing by Savage Retaliation

Carving for this project was more than 8hours of transferring and carving the design and another 8 hours of printing

Due to it's size the print can only be shipped as PACKAGE